Posted on: July 3, 2010 9:04 am

Here we go one "chop" at a time!!!

Welcome Braves fans, fans of other teams, or if you are new to baseball I welcome you too!!  Personally, I believe that the Atlanta Braves are playing some of the best baseball in the league right now!!  It not only shows up on the scoreboards, but also on the faces of the players, the staff, and the fans are feeling it too!!  This electrifying feeling (akin to getting struck by electricity, maybe) that has the Braves organization atop their division and holding strong!!  With wins over the Phillies, Marlins, Mets, and Nats (including rookie phenom Strasburg) within the division, and those over teams including the TB Rays (considered the top power team for the better part of the first half by many) this organization has started to "chop away" at the competition!!  Now the Braves have managed to win enough games to climb to within 1 game of the defending Champs, The Yankees!!

I am not sure why exactly the Braves have "picked it up" as of late, but they have and are still going strong!! 47 wins thus far have them not only 1 game behind the Yankees, but also several games above the Phillies (due to pitching struggles, injuries, etc.) or the second best team last year!!  Somehow, as we saw last year within the Braves organization, you have years when you battle the elements and then you get those where nothing seems to go wrong!!  This year it seems that Chipper is somewhat "healthy", the Bull Pen is getting stronger and better (battling against some of the toughest competition around the league), and even the batting has come almost full circle with Jay Hay, Jones, Glaus, Omar, and Prado (wow, have you seen Prado hit lead off this year) all getting good looks at the plate!!

I know it is still very early in the regular season  and injuries could still occur; however, with the way this team is winning, the demeanor of the team, and the excitement of the can you not BELIEVE that this could be a team capable of a deep playoff run IF the injury bug stays away!!!  Bobby, I KNOW you are as proud of your team as we "the fans" are!!!  Let's finish what you have started here!!!  Let's keep this train rolling!!  Let's go out on top!!!  Keep on "chopping" away at this thing..... one "chop" at a time!!!


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